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Hildegard of Bingen: Ordo Virtutum DIVISIO (10​–​16)

from ORDO VIRTUTUM by The Song Company


...Contempt of the World, Celestial Love, Discipleship/Grace of God; Modesty, Mercy;
Victory (who will be the leader in the fight against the Devil), Discretion, and Patience.


Contemptus Mundi
10 Ego, Contemptus Mundi, sum candor vite.
O misera terre peregrinatio in multis laboribus –
te dimitto. O Virtutes, venite ad me
et ascendamus ad fontem vite!
O gloriosa domina,
tu semper habes certamina Christi,
o magna virtus, que mundum conculcas,
unde etiam victoriose in celo habitas.
Amor Celestis
11 Ego aurea porta in colo fixa sum:
qui per me transit numquam
amaram petulantiam in mente sua gustabit.
O filia regis, tu semper es in amplexibus
quos mundus fugit.
O quam suavis est tua dilectio in summo deo!
Disciplina / Gratia Dei
12 Ego sum amatrix simplicium morum
qui turpia opera nesciunt;
sed semper in regum regem aspicio
et amplector eum in honore altissimo.
O tu angelica socia,
tu es valde ornata in regalibus nuptiis.
13 Ego obtenebro et fugo atque conculco
omnes spurcicias Diaboli.
Tu es in edificatione celestis Ierusalem,
florens in candidis liliis.
O quam amara est illa duricia
que non cedit in mentibus,
misericorditer dolori succurrens!
Ego autem omnibus dolentibus
manum porrigere volo.
O laudabilis mater peregrinorum,
tu semper erigis illos,
atque ungis pauperes et debiles.
14 Ego Victoria velox et fortis pugnatrix sum –
in lapide pugno,
serpentem antiquum conculco.
O dulcissima bellatrix, in torrente fonte
qui absorbuit lupum rapacem –
O gloriosa coronata, nos libenter militamus tecum
contra illusorem hunc.
15 Ego Discretio sum lux et dispensatrix
omnium creaturarum, indifferentia dei,
quam Adam a se fugavit per lasciviam morum.
O pulcherrima mater, quam dulcis
et quam suavis es, quia nemo confunditur in te.
16 Ego sum columpna que molliri non potest,
quia fundamentum meum in deo est.
O firma que stas in caverna petre,
et o gloriosa bellatrix que suffers omnia!
O filie Israhel,
sub arbore suscitavit vos deus,
unde in hoc tempore recordamini plantationis sae.
Gaudete ergo, filie Syon!

10 I, Contempt-of-the-World, am the brightness of life.
O wretched pilgrimage on earth, with all your toils –
I let you go. O Virtues, come to me,
and we will climb up to the fountain of life!
O glorious lady,
you always fight the battles of Christ;
O great Virtue which treads the world underfoot,
by which you victoriously live in heaven.
Celestial Love
11 I am a golden gate set up in heaven:
whoever passes through me will never taste
bitter rebelliousness in her mind.
O royal daughter, you are always held
in the embraces which the world shuns.
O how tender is your love to God in the highest!
Discipline / Grace of God
12 I am a lover of simple ways
which know nothing ignoble;
but I always gaze upon the King of kings and,
as my highest honour, I embrace Him.
O you angelic companion,
how comely you are in the royal nuptials!
13 I cover over, drive away, and trample underfoot
all the rubbish of the Devil.
You are in the building of the heavenly Jerusalem,
flowering in shining white lilies.
O how bitter in human minds
is the harshness
that does not soften and mercifully ease pain!
I want to reach out my hand
to all who are sorrowing.
O praiseworthy mother of exiles,
you are always raising them up,
and anointing the poor and the weak.
14 I am Victory, the swift, brave fighter.
I fight with a stone,
I tread the ancient serpent under foot.
O sweetest warrior, in the cascade of the fountain
that swallowed up the rapacious wolf –
O glorious, crowned one, we will gladly fight
with you against that deceiver!
15 I am Discretion, the light and dispenser
of all creatures – the impartiality of God,
which Adam drove away by acting wantonly.
O most beautiful mother, how sweet you are,
how gentle – in you no one can be confused.
16 I am the pillar which can never be made to yield,
because my foundation is in God.
O you that stay firm in the rocky cavern,
and O glorious warrior who bears all.
O daughters of Israel,
God raised you from under the tree,
so now remember how it was planted.
Therefore rejoice, daughters of Jerusalem!


from ORDO VIRTUTUM, released December 1, 2021


all rights reserved



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